What if you don’t want to hire someone until they can prove they have what it takes?

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Do you want to hire talented people, but you also don’t want to commit?

Do you find that you start disliking people after a while, and would rather spend a bunch of time making them do things for you first so you can be sure you won’t hate them later?

Did you have to jump through hoops to get where you are and don’t feel obliged to give anyone else an easier time?

Well, do I have a product for you!

Introducing Money™.

With this revolutionary product, you can acknowledge to a candidate that your hiring process requires more of their time than other employers and thank them for going through it.

Invented again and again by our ancestors over thousands of years, Money™ is accepted everywhere goods and services are sold.

In a double-blind scientific survey, 10/10 candidates preferred receiving Money™ for interview-related work over not getting Money™ for it. It was also tested on animals a few times, so you know it’s safe!

To find out if Money™ is right for your business, visit DoPeopleDeserveToBePaidForTheirTime.com.

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